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Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog

Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog

Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ASLI
Certification: negotiable
Model Number: SH-90

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Price: 6411
Packaging Details: standard wooden case
Delivery Time: 20days
Payment Terms: negotiable
Supply Ability: 10sets per month
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
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Detailed Product Description



Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog
Corrosion Testing Equipment/Product Applications
Continuous salt spray corrosion test machine is widely used in metal springs, sanitary ware , screws , fasteners, metal products, metal plating , metal products, electrical and electronic , magnetic materials, sports equipment, lock industry, optical industry , metal jewelry , leather goods hardware, watchmaking , auto parts , bicycles , electric cars, motorcycle parts , chemical coatings , gas equipment , lighting , connectors, metal furniture, powder metallurgy , mobile phones, computer chassis , and household appliances .
Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt FogSalt Water Spary Chamber/Temperature Range
1.Temperature : +5 celsius degree ~ 60 celsius degree 
2.Temperature uniformity : about 2 celsius degree 
3.Temperature fluctuation : about 0.5 celsius degree 
4.Salt settlement : 1 ~ 2ml/80cm2.h
5.Spray : continuous , periodic optional
6.Test Timing : 1 ~ 9999 (S, M, H) Adjustable
Salt Test Chamber/Temperature and Humidity Control System
1.Temperature control: Omron or Japan Chemical LED digital display P, I, D + S, S, R. microcomputer integrated controller
2.Temperature sensor : Platinum resistance .PT100 /MV
3.Heating system: fully independent system , electrically heated nichrome heater
4.Spray System: spray device plus non- crystalline tower nozzles ( fog particles finer and evenly distributed )
5.Spray time : 1 ~ 9999 (SMH) and adjustable cycle
6.Salt was collected : with standard measurement standard funnel and tube
7.Salt solution filter : pipette assembly at the water filter ( to prevent nozzle clogging termination test )
8.Preheat salt solution : salt solution temperature and the inside temperature equilibrium ( without salt solution temperature is too low impact test temperature )
Salt Spray Testing Equipment/Use of materials
Cabinet Material: corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high strength PVC board
Inner box Material: imported corrosion-resistant, high strength PVC/imported corrosion-resistant , high strength , anti-aging , high temperature PP board
Cover material: imported corrosion-resistant , high strength transparent PVC/imported corrosion-resistant , high strength, high temperature transparent PC board
Other accessories: all stainless steel , copper or corrosion , high temperature materials
Standard configuration : rod , V -type sample holder pay the 1 , 2 nozzles , funnels , measuring cylinder 2 sets
Safety protection: leakage, short circuit , over-temperature , water shortages, end of the trial , over current protection. [rachel(at)]
Ambient temperature : 5 celsius degree ~ +30 celsius degree less than 85 percent  RH
Water Spray Test Equipment/Device Features
1.Digital display control system , you can choose to do continuous salt spray test.
2.Automatic/manual water system, low water level can be automatically added feature , the test is not interrupted.
3.Precision glass nozzle (PYREX) mist spread evenly and naturally fall on the specimen , and to ensure that no crystallization of salt blocks.
4.Salt corrosion testing machine with dual over- temperature protection , water shortage alert to ensure safety.
5.Use alphanumeric display temperature controller , PID control, error about 0.3 celsius degree .
6.Laboratory using direct steam heating, heating up fast and evenly, reducing standby time.
7.Spray tower with conical diffuser , a guide fog, adjust the volume and even off the fog volume and other functions.
8.Saturated air barrel with Henry's law , be heated humidification and provide the required humidity test.

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